Features of GALLUS™ Light Tealight Candle Holder Only lamp that naturally rotates a flame   Flame rotates at human rest heartbeat   Ideal light source for any "Schattenspiel" as it moves shadows back and forth providing a harmonious wave effect   Tranquilizing, almost hypnotic effect   Creates a fascinating light display   Glass chimney projects a swirling milky-way of light on the ceiling   Impossible for a breeze to blow flame out, therefore ideal for outdoor use   Provides light, warmth and companionship   Like no other light source   Excellent conversational piece    english | deutsch

Home of the GALLUS™ Light Candle Holder

Introducing a world premier candle holder... The Naturally Rotating Flame!
Home of the GALLUS Light Candle Holder

Yoga's Rotating Flame

For centuries, Yoga healing practices have included imagining a rotating flame at a place in the body that requires healing. Here, the concept of a rotating flame, although a helpful visualization tool, was a mere invention of the mind, and nothing else. A physical embodiment of this rotating flame did not exist in any form. Until now.

Finally, a physical representation of this mental concept exists in the GALLUS™ Light, the first device that physically rotates a flame. The GALLUS™ Light is therefore the first concrete visualization aid for use during Yoga meditative healing. Further, the GALLUS™ Light's flame rotates at the rate of a resting human heartbeat, and so offers a peaceful, tranquilizing effect that calms the soul.

Watch the Gallus™ Light in action below;

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